5 Most Beautiful River Cruises On The Old Continent -Europe


Are you going to Paris? Or maybe to Vienna or Moscow? European capitals can be visited not only by road or air but also by water. River cruises are a great form of tourism, which allows you to get to know Europe from a completely different angle.

River cruises are an interesting alternative to classic sightseeing. It is an excellent way not only to move from one point to another but also to admire the landscape from the perspective of the river. The Seine, Danube or Rhine create excellent conditions for inland navigation. Some excursions are just a few hours’ cruises, which allows you to admire a given place from a different perspective. Others are even week-long excursions, during which you can get to know many wonderful corners of Europe. Here are some of the most beautiful river cruises.

Deep into Russia

The Volga is the longest Russian river and has been a very important trade and transport route for years. Sailing takes place on almost its entire length, i.e. on 3400 kilometers. A tourist cruise on the Volga is a great opportunity to see the Russian landscape and the most important cities. On the trail, you can admire Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as the cities grouped under the name of the Golden Ring from the perspective of the river. Each of them occupies a special place in the history of Russian statehood and there are unique monuments for the local culture. Interestingly, the cruises, depending on the route, are organized in such a way that tourists can stop for example in the Russian capital and watch live the famous Moscow ballet or visit palaces.

Track the port

The Duero River creates a picturesque waterway that flows through Spain and Portugal. From the deck of small boats, you can admire the slopes overgrown with vines and beautiful medieval towns. In fact, a cruise on the Duero River takes place under the sign of port. The boats leave Porto and stop in the vineyards during the voyage upstream. Wine tasting is an inseparable part of any such trip. It is in the Duero valley that grapes grow, from which the famous Portuguese wine is obtained. The ready-made beverage floats to Porto and matures in the ripening rooms there.

Proud and majestic Rhine

The river with its source in the Swiss Alps is one of the largest in Europe. The most beautiful part of the Rhine is considered to be located between the German cities of Koblenz and Bingen. A boat trip on the Rhine in this part of Germany is a great opportunity to admire medieval castles and vineyards. The quiet waters of the Rhine offer a beautiful view of the wooded hills, where the ruins of old strongholds and watchtowers are hidden between the trees. Local carriers offer various options for excursions – they can last only a few hours or even a whole week.

The romantic Seine

France is one of the most attractive tourist countries in Europe. Every year it attracts about 80 million foreigners interested in the beauty of Paris and other French cities. A cruise on the Seine is an interesting alternative to the classic sightseeing of the capital and its region. French travel agencies even offer a few days’ boat excursions, during which it naturally moors in the capital, in Giverny, where the house of Claude Monet is located, as well as in Rouen, known as the “City of 100 Towers”. Watching Paris from a river perspective, especially in the evenings, is a very romantic experience and therefore cruises are particularly popular with lovers.

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