Beaches in Varazze, for holidays in Liguria

The beaches of Varazze, in Liguria, are really numerous and well served, thanks to a centuries-old tradition of which you will read later, large sandy areas (and not) to relax after a long year of work.

The level of luxury you will lose during your well-deserved holidays you can choose from, alternating beaches, shopping and boat trips ranging from a simple dinghy to a real yacht. But the beach is not the only alternative you have available to enjoy the beautiful sunny days that this tourist destination offers.

The Marina of Varazze, in fact, is completely surrounded by greenery and offers you a wonderful and privileged view of the sea, especially after sunset, when the lights of the houses, the port and the boats moored shine on the water mirror duplicating everything.

It is not surprising that this place is so evocative: its realization has been realized with the collaboration of architects of international fame who have made available their specific skills so that the result was a building perfectly integrated with the natural beauty of the host territory.

Beach prices

Here in Varazze it is rather difficult to enjoy a sunny day totally free of charge, unless you decide to camp on the rocks that you find free in the vicinity of the beach facilities.

The free beaches practically do not exist, but the free beaches equipped, whose names you find below, guarantee at least the use of the facilities at the lowest prices (ranging from 3 to 6.50 euros per day). In addition, they have the obligation to allow access to the toilets even to the few lucky ones who manage to take advantage of the small space of the beach completely free.

Of course, all the numerous bathing establishments you can choose from have much higher rates. Not all bathing establishments have a website and very often do not indicate prices, so a phone call is the best strategy to conduct a small personal survey.

It must be said, however, that the quality of services offered is really high level and at the end of the holiday you will be happy to have invested a few more resources in choosing a beach that offers you everything you could want and that gives you the feeling of being in your living room (with all the comforts that this entails, including internet access), but with a wonderful view in front.

Free beaches

If you are a fan of the free beach and a lover of suntan at no cost you may be disappointed by the almost total absence of space dedicated to this purpose in the area of Varazze, which unfortunately is not the only one to have this problem, it shares, in fact, with the beaches of Alassio, Loano and Abissola.

The point is that although the law establishes a ‘fair’ exploitation of the coasts, as a precious public good, these percentages of use are jousting in such a way as to favor businesses at the expense of bathers who do not want to use services or pay a price to lie down on the beach.

The beach is totally free and free in theory exists, but it is relegated to the tongues of sand that are in fact the connection between a bathing establishment and the other. Fortunately, there are two free beaches equipped, that is managed on behalf of the State at agreed prices, which must keep 50% of their surface effectively free, but I let you imagine how much space you can find in the summer days!

There’s something good about it: once you’re there, you can choose whether to stay on the free beach or take advantage of the services at calm prices. We are talking about the beaches of Teiro, located west of the homonymous stream, and Solaro, 200 meters east of Teiro.

Sandy beaches

Once you’ve found that there are practically no free beaches, what remains to be done is to choose the beach that best meets your needs and to do so the ideal is to create a direct contact or take advantage of the reviews that tourists often leave on the sites once their holiday is over.

In any case, sandy beaches are also found here, where it is usually easier to find pebbles and pebbles. For example, at Bagni Pinuccia, where you will find a beautiful sea, a warm welcome and good food typical of these places. The part of the coast next to the town is also sandy and near the mouth of the Teiro is also possible to surf, when the wind assists you. More than a kilometre of white sand awaits you there, while the beach in front of the Hotel Doria is ideal for comfortable barefoot walks along the shoreline.

If you like the beach with coarse sand you can try to find out about the Red and Peru baths, but if you prefer a finer sand you should move to the Santa Caterina bath. In any case, remember that Varazze has earned the famous Blue Flag as a guarantee of the quality of its coastline: you will always fall and still stand!

Bathing establishments

Varazze’s bathing tradition began a couple of centuries ago, in the second half of the 19th century, with the birth of the first bathing establishments followed by others, and then flourished completely with the economic boom of the 1960s.

Clear from the beginning the beauty of the places and the mildness of the climate, it did not take long for the beaches to be filled with prominent figures who have, later, attracted the attention of the masses. To give some famous examples, we can cite the painter Tamara de Lempicka and composers of the calibre of Puccini and Rachmaninov.

Of course, this great bathing tradition has left a rather heavy legacy for those who came later, but the facilities that you will find in Varazze are definitely up to their predecessors, have changed only the way of service … a little ‘modern. You’ll really be spoilt for choice because there are about forty bathing establishments and they’re all perfectly equipped.